No. 7




Support centers: for what and whom?

The network of Estonian non-profit organizations in ten regions in the country is now four years old.

The need for such a network was indicated by the rapid growth of NGOs across the country at the end of the 1990s, when it became clear that it would not be possible to service more than 10,000 different organizations. Where there is demand, eventually there will be someone to fill it. The shoulders to rest on came from the Estonian Union of Non-Profit Associations and the Open Estonia Foundation’s Baltic-American Partnership Program. The latter has supported the support center program since 2000, decreasing support by 25% each year. In the meantime, the network and centers have done good work in finding additional funding both locally and internationally. Now it is important that the state enlighten people as to the necessity of such organizational support. Centers consider their best prospects for funding in the future to be state budget and local governmental sources.

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