No. 19




Possibilities of Developing the System of Analyzing the Impact of Estonian Legal Acts

18 June 2009


RiTo No. 19, 2009

  • Timo Ligi

    contractual consultant, Ministry of Justice

Although analysis of the impacts of legal acts has been discussed and written about in Estonia for years, the discussion to this point has not had a significant effect on legislative drafting practice, as the discussion on this topic has not met with the necessary political attention and support.

There has also been a shortage of funds for developing a thorough analysis and implementation proposals. In connection with the opportunity to use European Union Social Fund resources, the last-mentioned obstacle has been surmounted – one of the sub-objectives of the Better Regulation programme developed under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice was the development of a system for analyzing the impacts of legal acts. The working group created in the framework of this programme has now developed its recommendations for changing the way the analysis of the impacts of legal acts are organized and discussions are taking place between ministries and interest groups regarding the applicability of the proposals. The programme’s steering committee has approved the proposals of the working group along with comments and immediately after the said comments are introduced, the materials developed by the working group will be made available on the Ministry of Justice homepage as well.

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