No. 10




Ten Issues Already!

  • Aivar Jarne

    Editor-in-Chief of Riigikogu Toimetised issues 4–10

The editor’s column casts a look back at the ten issues of RiTo so far. RiTo has successfully cleared its early hurdles and has proved its merits. It has become, as the title page overleaf states, a magazine that reflects on parliament’s constitutional and social duties, RiTo’s readers are a loyal contingent and the periodical’s place on the shelf of academic journals is nicely assured… a solid green row of spines.

The future of our parliamentary periodical depends on one hand on what direction democracy and parliamentarism take in Estonia and elsewhere; also on trends in media in general. It is precisely the changes in the media, especially in the last few decades, that have caused problems for almost all newspaper and magazine offices. Will conventional newspapers and magazines have enough readers as the Internet and all sorts of digital media and mobile phones continue to make their inroads?

Still, the traditional press is capable of offering modern solutions and it is no wonder that most Estonian newspapers and magazines have their own websites. RiTo, too, has been in a fortunate position in this sense since its inception, and many are more familiar with the online RiTo at than the printed product. RiTo’s readers still need their parliamentary journal. And there are plenty of topics and respected writers to go around.

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