Mario Rosentau

Mario Rosentau

University of Tartu, Lecturer of Comparative Jurisprudence



  • General Data Protection Regulation and Its Violation of EU Treaties *

    05 June 2019


    RiTo No. 39, 2019

    While the GDPR is generally efficient and necessary in its vigorous protection of the fundamental rights of self‑determination and identity of the European citizens, the article identifies a core issue that has gone unnoticed: the GDPR violates the EU treaties.It is basically a ‘European law’, yet European laws are banned under the TEU and the TFEU.

    * Peer-reviewed article.

  • Sovereignty in the European Union

    18 December 2003


    RiTo No. 8, 2003

    The European Union is an association of democratic nation-states based on the rule of law. We should ask: 1) to what extent are the national, democratic and legal properties transferable to unions of states? 2) which properties must be transferred? 3) is this a spontaneous process, an inevitable result of union, or must there be additional efforts? 4) what might the influence on nation-states be - stimulating or repressive, preservative or destructive?