No. 48



The State of Estonia vs. Domestic Defence Industry

14 December 2023


RiTo No. 48, 2023

  • Andrus Rumm

    Andrus Rumm

    NPO Vaba Ukraina (Free Ukraine) volunteer

The full-scale war in Ukraine has shifted many perceptions and concepts of defence planning. NATO countries, including Estonia, focused their efforts on building up relatively small, well-equipped mission armies, but the war in Ukraine is forcing European countries to redefine the meaning of military preparedness and the resources needed for it.

Events in Ukraine demonstrate the need to support the development and production of domestic defence industries to reduce dependence on foreign assistance.

Factors that should be given more attention in national defence planning influence Estonia’s military preparedness. Such factors include the strategic objectives the Estonian state has defined for the longer term for the domestic defence industry and the will to support development projects and production that will enhance Estonia’s military preparedness.